032c WWB Writer's Belt - 032c
032c WWB Writer's Belt - 032c
032c WWB Writer's Belt - 032c

032c WWB Writer's Belt
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We must learn to move without fear, to be aware of everything around us, to feel as well as mentally see our way into the future. - John A. Rice, Founder of Black Mountain College 

Founded in 1933, Black Mountain College was political sanctuary and artistic incubator at once. Here, in the hills of North Carolina, Josef Albers taught photography on the campus’ cabbage patch and a soubresaut performed by Merce Cunningham demonstrated not just grace in movement but the clarity of physics as well. This was method, not content.
Inspired by Black Mountain College, the 032c What We Believe Collection is a sartorial companion in navigating the wax and wane of a multi-disciplinary lifestyle. The 032c WWB Writer’s Belt comes with a brass buckle featuring the 032c logo and is fastened by a black leather strap. 
  • Sizing details
    • Length: XS-S (90cm), M-L (100cm), L-XL (110cm)
    • Width: 3,5cm
  • Gold-tone logo buckle
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Made in Italy