032c MARIA Ski Mask

032c MARIA Ski Mask
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To mask or not to mask – we fall firmly in the former category. Masks are protective talismans and tools for freedom. Wearing them is a choice to shield your colleagues and comrades from viruses, and to say when and by whom you want to be seen – whether it’s by paparazzi, CCTV cameras, or data tracking bots. Masks are an expression of agency in a time of surveillance, and an expression of care in a time of crisis. This one will also keep you warm in the bitter cold of the months to come. It’s not certified PPE, of course – you’ll still have to double up as necessary – but you’ll never get tired of wearing it. With a smooth goggle-shape window for eyes, it’s circular knit in an incredibly fine silk and cotton blend – meaning it's ultra light and super soft – and comes in black (what else?) with a red logo “patch” print in the front at the neck. Just because you’re incognito doesn’t mean you can’t say who you’re with. 


  • 70% SILK 30% COTTON
  • width at the middle part 22,0 cm
  • width at the bottom 24,0 cm 
  • eye cut-out opening 8,5 cm
  • height 34 cm


One size.