032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper
032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper
032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper
032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper
032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper

032c Leather "Ghost" XL Shopper
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You know what it's like to want to leave something behind. It's a desire that goes back tens of thousands of years, when early humans left pigmented hand prints alongside their cave paintings, coupling personal mark-making with the creative impulse that continues to move us today. Anyone can leave an impression with this extra-large shopper – and anyone can leave an impression on it, too. Its leather is treated with a heat-sensitive coating: when you touch it, you leave a mark with your hand that no one else could have made. It's a fleeting homage to our most ancient drive, enabled by our latest material technology.


  • Heat sensitive coating turns from from black to white in response to heat and touch
  • 100% Calf Leather
  • Sizing: 68 x 35 cm 
  • Made in China

About "Système de la Mode"

This is not a Spring/Summer collection. This is a Spring/Summer system.

SYSTÈME DE LA MODE proposes a linguistics of clothing, a study of fashion as language and garments as signs. Each piece is a double entity.

Words change in meaning and usage – not just over time, as trends shift, but in the immediate present, reacting to the context of the now. In SYSTÈME DE LA MODE, clothes change, too:
their appearance morphs, their message transforms.

Language fulfills a dream of identity and play – of being ourselves and being acknowledged, and of multiplying our identities in live response to our world. Just as one plays with words, in SYSTÈME DE LA MODE we play with new materials. We communicate with textiles that are as sensitive to body heat as we are to the rising temperature of a conversation, and that pick up on the coldness of the outside air as we register the irony in a remark. We layer sheer fabrics like we layer meanings – a material innuendo or double entendre. Our semi-transparent outerwear tells delicate half-truths. Our logo hides within a knit top by day, but asserts itself at night, reflective in the spotlight. Recurring gunmetal details appear in different garments like our latest catch phrase. Our handprints, smudged on heat-sensitive leather, fade as quickly as our memory of a friend’s exact words – but register the lasting energy of their presence. Printed geological heat-maps of our immediate environment – Berlin, where we live and work – become legible in the sun, faded neons charting shifting temperatures and temperaments.