032c BERLIN KIDZ Crew Shirt White - 032c
032c BERLIN KIDZ Crew Shirt White - 032c

032c BERLIN KIDZ Crew Shirt White
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BERLIN KIDZ GEAR is a capsule of apparel designed by Berlin Kidz, an anonymous group of graffiti writers, train-surfers, and the stars of our current issue. The crew's hieroglyphic style written on high rises across Berlin is a variation on Pichaçao, a tagging practice from Sao Paolo that has been described as an “urban plague.” Unlike the bubbly and colorful graffiti popularized on the Subway cars of 1970s New York, Pichaçao is inspired by the runic lettering on the covers of Death Metal albums. Formally, it resembles writing much more than it does painting. Spiritually, it is committed to illegality and considered to be an act of protest via destruction. The Berlin Kidz’s Pichaçao contains an ancient Egyptian flare that leads the crew to refer to their markings as “hieroglyphs.” The result is a homegrown remix with a bizarre cultural itinerary: Nordic runes adapted by metal bands, then adapted by Brazilian anarchists, then adapted by German teenagers with a fascination for the Nile Delta. 
The BERLIN KIDZ CREW SHIRT comes in white cotton jersey and features the Berlin Kidz crew logo on its front. The shirt’s back features a tag by crew-member Pharao as well as an insignia with the crew’s mantra: “Open Your Third Eye.” 



  • Sizing details:
    • Front length shoulder to hem: S (72cm), M (74cm), L (76cm), XL (78cm), 2XL (80cm).
    • Chest width front: S (50cm), M (52cm), L (54cm), XL (56cm), 2XL (58cm).
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Turkey