032c “EDITED CARHARTT JACKET” White/Fur - 032c

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“We do what we want” (New York Review of Books editor Robert Silvers, 032c Issue 23)

Just in time for winter, 032c presents a solution to cover any thermal condition. Our edit of a Carhartt denim jacket approaches a workwear classic with minimal gestures and maximal irreverence. Stitched above the usual Carhartt label, an embroidered 032c logo tags the jacket and deletes the throwback functionality of its chest pocket. Available in an edition of 20 white and 20 black jackets, it is the perfect canvas for the set of 032c “Allegiance" pins that comes included. It is also available with a detachable and made-to-order leopard-print rabbit fur lining from the furrier Pelz-Hoppe in Berlin-Tempelhof. Custom-designed and sourced from livestock rabbits, the lining ensures that no bunnies were unnecessarily harmed in this effort to keep you warm. 

• Available in black.
• Available in black with fur
• Available in white.
Pin set.

The edition is limited to one piece per customer and production takes 3 weeks after placing your order.