032c "1997" Bootleg 2/2: NexT Shirt - 032c
032c "1997" Bootleg 2/2: NexT Shirt - 032c

032c "1997" Bootleg 2/2: NexT Shirt
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Created in tribute to Martin Margiela and Steve Jobs, our 1997 Bootlegs document two parallel moments in which acts of radical defiance led to industry-changing creative shifts.

“Apple doesn’t own me…I own me,” Steve Jobs told Newsweek after resigning from Apple in 1985. Jobs and a small band of Apple employees would promptly found NeXT, and set out to prove Jobs’s theory that “six people in blue jeans” could create better computing products than a multi-billion dollar company. Six years later, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN on a NeXT Computer. Another six years later, Apple finally bought NeXT, in particular for OpenStep, which would became the foundation for OS X and the iPhone’s iOS operating system. 

Custom-cut to our exact specifications, the 032c "1997" Bootleg 2/2: NeXT Shirt features our logo on the front and the NeXT logo designed by Paul Rand on the back, along with the “I Own Me” quotation from Jobs’s Newsweek interview.

  • 100% cotton
  • Sizing details:
    • Front length shoulder to hem: S (72cm), M (74cm), L (76cm), XL (78cm), 2XL (80cm).
    • Chest width front: S (50cm), M (52cm), L (54cm), XL (56cm), 2XL (58cm).
  • Made in Turkey