032c "Allegiance" Pin Set - 032c
032c "Allegiance" Pin Set - 032c

032c "Allegiance" Pin Set
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“I deceive so well, I am beyond deceit.” (Courtney Love, in a fake interview with Tom Kummer, 032c Issue 27)

The pin is a sartorial resistance classic. For decades, it has been the most effective way to incorporate a dose of idealism into whatever outfit you choose to put on. Red and black, the colors of the 032c pin set, go with nearly everything. They are perfectly camouflaged for an age where resistance no longer has a set uniform. Sometime late last century, after capitalism learned how to monetize and co-opt youth cultures, punk’s dying words were: “I am not dead!” The truth is: Who knows? Embracing the contradictions of today’s hypercapitalism, the 032c pin set – a red flag starring our logo, as well as a black banner dedicated to our historically punk Kreuzberg home – are a signifier of allegiance with the timeless ideals the magazine continues to stand for: freedom and fearlessness.