David Ostrowski - The F Word Catalogue - 032c

David Ostrowski - The F Word Catalogue


Harmony Korine: You believe in the afterlife?
David Ostrowski: I don’t even believe in this life!

David Ostrowski was born 1981 in Cologne, and since then has been a painter. 032c Workshop / Joerg Koch has previously hosted his vitrine show "Ich bin gekommen um dir zu sagen dass ich gehe”, and published a special commission by him in issue #26. On sale here is the catalogue for "The F Word", Ostrowski's 2015 show at Denmark’s Arken Museum, a series of works, in which all titles begin with the alphabet’s sixth letter. ‘F’ stands for the German word for mistake, “fehler", freedom, fatalistic, fucking, and fantastic, after all.


Format: 21,5 x 27 cm
Pages: 183