Issue #08 — Winter 2004/2005: Space Begins Because We Look Away From Where We Are - 032c

Issue #08 — Winter 2004/2005: Space Begins Because We Look Away From Where We Are
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SPACE BEGINS BECAUSE WE LOOK AWAY FROM WHERE WE ARE: From LEWIS BALTZ’s prophetic images of the new industrial parks near Irvine, California in 1974 to the auto-generated red melted sugar landscapes by HERZOG DE MEURON, this issue features experiences and perceptions of space.  ”Without the user, all that’s there is material—and no space. I’m not presenting any sort of utopia, but rather, simply the possibility of how the space in front of my nose might be seen differently,” states artist OLAFUR ELIASSON in an interview with writer JOACHIM BESSING. 

Meanwhile, photographer TAIJI MATSUE transforms landscapes into surfaces; artist LEWIS BALTZ prophesies in California’s empty industrial parks; architects HERZOG & DE MEURON melt topographies with sugar landscapes; art director HIDEKI NAKAJIMA distorts inner space; writer BRUCE CHATWIN visits KONSTANTIN MELNIKOV’s dilapidating Constructivist home in Moscow; photographer NICK KNIGHT reinvents fashion media with SHOWstudio; photographer STEVEN KLEIN paints BRAD PITT; 

writer ALEXANDER VON SHÖNBURG explains actor HELMUT BERGER’s angels, demons, and having all the parties; publisher and designer JOP VAN BENNEKOM speaks with Editor-in-Chief of Interview magazine INGRID SISCHY about 35 years of Pop; 

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Contributors: An Architektur, Lewis Baltz, Jop van Bennekom, Joachim Bessing, Lee Broomfield, Sem Rubio Chico, Paul Elliman, Sabisha Friedberg, Genevieve Gauckler, Sebastian Hammelehle, Herzog & de Meuron, Mark Hooper, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Steven Klein, Aglaia Konrad, Aram Lintzel, Niklas Maak, Taiji Matsue, Alasdair McLellan, Peter Michalzik, Hideki Nakajima, Alexander von Schönburg, Libby Sellers